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    Question Advice on Win2000 hosting company please...

    I am looking for advice based on peoples own experience for my hosting requirements, details below:

    150Mb min disk space
    8GB min transfer/month

    Price around 10-15/month ($15-$20/month)

    MySQL would be nice, but not essential.

    Can anyone recommend a reliable hosting company, I have been burned before by bad hosting companies, one of which just shut down my site (due to high transfer rates) giving me no notice to move hosters (thanks )! Any advice appreciated. Thankyou.

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    bandwidth is getting more expensive not cheaper. My suggestion is to re-evaluate what you are willing to pay monthly as it seems a bit to cheap for the amount of bandwidth you are asking for.

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    Trouble is, the website is a club website, which has limited funds, it's essentially a non-profit organisation. I think $20 is really the max we can go to, without bankrupting ourselves!

    Any other ideas?

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