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    Cant access a site using www.domain.ccom only please help!!


    As I said in the title I cant access one of the sites I am hosting by
    The only way it works is by typing
    Any clue how to fix that in cpanel or whm?


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    Shouldn't this be in the tech help section??

    Anyway check your DNS and the A record pointing.
    Alternatively if its a new doman, maybe the Nameservers have not resolved yet.
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    Check the httpd.conf file to make sure that there is a ServerAlias entry for both and

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    most likely you do not have the www record setup right in your DNS or not replicated as mentioned before.... Check with your provider
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    If this is a relatively new account, its probably a DNS caching issue with your ISP and you just need to wait a day or two for it to work itself out. What is the domain name, so that we can check it for you?

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    Pretty much as the others said, check your DNS records;
    Name - Type - Value
    @ - A -
    * - CNAME -

    Replace with your site's IP address
    Replace with your domain name (without leading www) - note that the . at the end is IMPORTANT

    The * means that any prefix will direct to your site; e.g. ftp, mail, etc.
    To limit it to specific prefixes then simply replace * with www or whatever

    The * is an excellent way of creating dummy sub-domains as any prefix will be directed to your default directory. With some judicious scripting you can check what the prefix used was and server different content as appropriate; great for social sites as you can let people use <username> to go straight to their personal home page.

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    If it pings to the same IP as, then check httpd.conf for a server alias. If not, then the DNS needs to be updated, with www as a name to

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