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    BW auction 100gb traffic @ 1$

    Pop by and join in on the auction of 100gb traffic that you can resell, use for yourself or what ever. We will have weekly actions in the future so pop by anytime... Sometimes we will go crazy with a 1-hour-auction where you can really make a good deal!!

    Price starts at 1$ - and there is NO minium price...right now the bid is at 8$

    Its on a brand new PIII box with ensim 3.1

    Youll get 1gb of storage to go with the traffic...

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    Are you attracting business sites...? I love the name, (pornhost) haha

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    hehe - lets not beat around the bush..

    true - heh, I wont try to hide our core business :-)

    "business sites" you say?
    All our clients have "business sites" some of them within the adultbiz, others within other business'


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