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    Drop down Menu (Java) and Div

    I have a website that has drop down java script menu... it works great. However when I inculded in the header DIV in Dreamweaver it works normal until it coves text from the Main Div at which point it whatever selection overlaps cannot be selected as the menu would shrik as soon as you go over it.
    I hope that makes sense. any idea how to work around it?
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    Maybe you could rewrite your question...

    But let me see if i undestood:

    You have a hidden layer (div) which works as a dropdown menu, say it comes visible when somebody clicks over a link or moves the mouse over some element on the page? Then when it gets shown, it overlaps the main DIV, so the elements under it cannot be selected.

    If it is so, my questions are:
    1- Does the menu layer (dropdown menu) gets hidden once you've moved the mouse out but the elements are still not selectable?

    2- The menu layer doesn't get hidden so it keeps overlaping the main div?

    If your case is the number 1, then maybe you should try with setting the position to absolute. This is the first thing that comes to my mind.... it would help if you'd post a code example....

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