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    Exclamation Choosing which host to use, please help !?!?

    My name is Brian Dove, and I'm a Senior Graphic Designer. I am now starting a new business with my friend. It will be an ecommerce website, where we will sell Model Ships around the world. We will have a shopping cart, database, etc... So we obviously need Php/Mysql , including CGI-BIN. But the fact is that I dont know which company to use. I have heard of Hostrocket, but I don't know about their support. Okay, I need those Specs:

    4000 MB Bandwidth or higher
    100 MB space or higher
    Max Sub domains
    6 FTP Accounts or more
    Stats: YES
    Server Side Includes


    . I would prefer Cpanel as control Panel. We can pay up to $10/month but we need
    1) GOOD SUPPORT ( being able to chat with Tech team )

    Please, can you give me some ideas on WHICH hosting company to use please ?
    I would really appreciate if you could give me YOUR experience if you ever have...
    Thank you for your time, effort, and comprehension,
    Kind Regards,
    Brian Dove

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    I Suggest ,

    All server is 1000MB RAM (1 GB RAM) ,

    can try ping their server see the speed.

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    Is just me or zeroone is always givin his *ehm* "happy costumer opinion" about kyhost?!?
    Wouldnt it be better if he posts like all the web hosters i saw here, givin at least a more professional look to his company?
    People isnt that stupid...

    Knight_ (just my 2 Euro-cents)

    |Webmaster - - [email protected]|

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    There are three good choices. If you have any questions about them or my experience with them please feel free to contact me.


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