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    MySQL Collation?


    I just went to create a new database on my server through phpmyadmin and I had a new option for Collation. I looked through the manual at mysql's site, but I can't figure out this simple question. Before I had the collation option, I just made my tables and they worked fine. Now, what should I set it to? The database is going to hold normal things like usernames, passwords, etc... normal website stuff. There will be tutorials in there as well.

    Any suggestion as to what the collation should be set to would be VERY helpful. Thanks!
    Chris Farrugia, REALTORŪ
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    If you are going to store only English characters then select a latin1 collation (latin1_swedish etc.).

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    Always use utf-8

    this will insure that all languages are inserted no matter what site type it is

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    UTF8-unicode or UTF8-bin?
    Chris Farrugia, REALTORŪ
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    Read this if you need a better understanding:

    The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!)

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    Great article and thanks for the help!
    Chris Farrugia, REALTORŪ
    Naples Real Estate

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