I am looking for someone who possess high linux knowledge. NO outsourcing companies, I am looking for an individual only.

The person will be doing work I send to them, anything from optimizing to migrations. No control panels are in use however control panel knowledge is a bonus(preferably cPanel).

The following knowledge/skills is a must.

-migrations(without control panels)
-configuring apache/php/mysql
-command line mysql

The majority of the work to begin with will be full server migration. You must have full ability with rsync/adjusting php configuration files/setting up databases/copying databases over/granting user permissions.

Please note these will be going to load balanced setup and must be fully tested and moved with < 5 minutes downtime. This will work in several stages and we will discuss full details over email or phone during that time.

Pay can be fixed/week or hourly, your choice. If you are interested, please be aware I am looking for someone with good linux knowledge and not someone who can follow guides. Further test questions may be asked.

This work will be entirely what I provide you from my own projects, NDA may be required. The work is on a case by case basis however if all goes well after a few weeks I will be looking into striking a long term deal. Lots of work is available at present.

I would like to make it clear, I am looking for skilled people only and you must have the ability to work in a fast paced environment and also multitask.

To apply please send an email to scott [-remove me-] @ hostgeekz.com in the following format, any other formats will be ignored,

Full Name:
WHT Username: If you are a long term member I would like to see who you are to check posts here, this is purely reference and does not effect your application.
Preferred pay(Fixed Weekly/Hourly): If you prefer hourly please specify your desired rate.
Prefered Hours: You will be working when you are online and are not fixed to any times however going offline for days on end without notice/explanation is not going to be accepted so please provide a rough example of when you are online.
Current Status: Are you employed? Do you go to school? Anything you feel may suit here to your current status/situation to work aorund when you will be available.
Programming Languages(if any):
[b]Why should I choose you?{/b]

I will try and respond to everyone, I will only choose the candidate I feel will be best suited for me and this will lead on to long term work, to begin with there are lots of things that need done.