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    For hire:unexperienced looking for a Billing/Sales customer support job

    I can type well,I must say I have strong typing skills.I am willing to do Live chat,Emails and whatever else is available for support staff to do.

    I am located in Boston,MA.
    I use to buy hosting so I have knowledge of the cpanel,ftp and plesk.
    I know how to install php scripts.
    I am looking for remote jobs.

    I am 20,I'll be 21 November 14th.

    If the job is given to me I am willing to do the best that I can do.I dont have any experience in Billing and Sales but I am looking for some.

    It's been hard searching for a job,So hopefully someone has some openings.You may contact me via PM or just reply to this post if you're interested in hiring me.

    I am willing to work any shift you give me 7 days a week.

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    Good luck!
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    Thanks just to make a note that I'm not good with Commissioned sales.

    I've tried it before but never got any luck,It was trainning.

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