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    Customer Polls for updates and downtime

    On our servers we have client in many different timezones. We were thinking about doing polls where customer could vote for the best time to updates on the servers. Customers from the server in the poll would have access to see the results in realtime. Have any of you had any experience with something similar? Im trying to think of a better way to handle updates without simply telling customers the their server is going down @ MM/DD/YYYY 12:00am and thats it.

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    I would put it as the most customers in a timezone should be the least affected. So say if you had 400 customers in EST time zone, and only 10 customers on another major time zone difference, then the answer is obvious the EST should benefit by having updates on off peak hours according to eastern standard time.

    In addition, if you poll a question like that, obviously the customers in that time zone are going to vote for their time zone benefit.
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