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    Global Payment Services

    Has anyone come across Global Payment Services? All inputs are relevant.

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    Just as all registered ISOs / MSPs, agent in North America, they have a footer that states who they are and who they go through (Wells Fargo). (If you ever run by a ISO / MSP / agent in the United States that does not have this - they are not in compliant and they also run the risk of being fined by Visa.

    There are hundreds of ISOs in the United States, and thousands of agents settings up accounts for them. For the most part, you usually do not find fees started on ISOs websites because they rely on agents to sell their products. It seems their fees are posted so they might be a smaller company offering the merchant account via their direct employees. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it

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    Word of advice: if you are e-commerce merchant and worried about fraud related issues and maybe later decide to integrate Verified by Visa/ MasterCard SecureCode services, then you better stick with companies offering merchant accounts on such processing networks as FDC Nashville, TSYS (Vital), and Paymentech. Global is a good platform for retail card-present businesses, but not ideal for e-commerce.

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