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    DEll Laptop Problem..

    I recently reinstalled windows on my laptop and kept all drivers from before..

    But i seem to be missing some software at the moment, the volume buttons next to the power button dont seem to work at all, can anyone tell me which software i am looking for.

    i have a latitude d600...

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    Sound Drivers. Maybe.........

    Although I could not tell you what software exactly you need, unless you uninstalled it, It should still be there. I would not say it is your sound drivers though, because otherwise your sound is working correct? Heres 2 suggestions, In Windows XP, select start and then click run, type msconfig in this box, and press run. There should be a tab at the top right that says Startup click this. This is where the tricky part is, If dell properly labled it, there will be a checkbox saying something about Dell Buttons or Dell Audio, or something to that relavence. If the box is unchecked, check it and then click Save, or OK I cannot remember what it is off the top of my head. It will ask you to restart just press restart. Just do not uncheck anything as this can only make more things not work. Checking them will just make more things run.

    My second suggestion, is to get me a list of the cds that came with the laptop, I could most likely tell you which one you need to use.

    Hope this wasnt too confusing, if you need a lil more help or a better description, please feel free to PM me.


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    If you have Dell. then go to Dell and download the driver....
    get the latest driver. you basically will need to type the service tag and it will show you what is available to you
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