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    Can't import the private key generated by SecureCRT to other ssh clients :(

    i've generated the public/private keys pair with SecureCRT, i can login to the server from my home pc (windows os) with the private key (after i copyed the public key on the server) but i have problems using the private keys in next situation:

    1). can't use the private key to connect from other server (redhat server) to the server where i copyed the public key with the "ssh -i ~/private_key_file [email protected]" say incorect passphrase

    2). i can't import the private key on other ssh clients.. i've tryed to import on putty but it say: "private key error format"

    What can i solve these 2 problems??


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    Edit the key and remove the 'Subject:' 'Comment:' and 'ModBitSize:' sections. Make it so that only the cryptographic hash itself is between the dashed header and footer.
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    is not working ..i just posted on securecrt forum and they replied that the key generated by securecrt can be used only with securecrt and can't be imported on other ssh clients becouse the algoritm is unique.. only the keys generated by openssh can be imported on different ssh clients..

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