I want to relist this site as for sale, http://www.ladiesgallery.net a female celebrity site which is now averaging 1000+ unique a day.

The site is averaging $4-$5.50 from adsense lately. I have just put the adsense since 28 of october...

Traffic stat :

Starting offer $700 , Reserver $1200 , BIN $1500

This site is more or less than 4 months now. It is a female celebrity photo gallery site. Celebrities are mixed of international and local celebrities.

At the moment there are 400+ female celebrities and more than 3000 celebrities included.

The script is created and written by me. It is a mysql/PHP script, visitors can also submit pictures of their favorite celebrity.

There is an admin where you can add new celebrities, edit, or delete existing records and pictures, add batch picture is also available. Also able to approve or deny newly submitted picture by your site visitors.

I am also expecting that the site will get higher pr next update and more traffic when the site is fully crawled by google and now the site have been get out from google sandbox because of great back link from a pr 6 sites and PR 8 site

The traffic is now slowly growing from 200 a day to 700 and now 1000+ unique a day.

There are already 389 pages index by google, 41 back link in google. 83 pages index by yahoo and 21,780 back link from yahoo.

And a permanent review link from http://www.xb6.org

Site stat:
daily unique : http://extremetracking.com/open;unique?login=ladiesga
Referrer : http://extremetracking.com/open;ref1?login=ladiesga

I am selling the site because I need money to buy a new video cam for my new project site.

Revenue Details:

I have just put the adsense since October 23 and it is averaging $ $4.5 - $6 a day now.

There are other ways I guess this site can be monetized its traffic like selling text link, cpa, and other way to monetized its traffic. It so happened that I don't know how to do it.

Traffic Details:

Most of the traffic are from google, yahoo, and msn search results.

Please take note : I have sold 5 copy of the site when it was new when the total celebrity is 170. And I have also use the script from my other sites like http://cars.bayaw.com, http://cellphones.bayaw.com/, and other gallery sites.