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    resellerzoom -or- surfspeedy?

    OK I have been digging into where I want to get a reseller account.
    I have called at all hours of the day and tried to see if support people really exist as advertisied. As you can imagine some people don;t even have support answering the phone during their quoted business hours let alone 2:00am.

    My criteria was about private name servers, WHM/CPanel/Fantastico, a decent amount of disk space and bandwidth. My biggest criteria was about being able to get support, I really prefer phone support, chat isn't bad but there are times you need to be able to talk.

    To throw a curve ball on the whole search I really liked the failsafe features that resellerzoom has, but they don't provide phone support.

    At this point I want to get some feedback as to both the good -or- bad about these 2 hosts, and if you have a good company to recommend that does the above, let me know.



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    Look at
    Maybe it'll suit you.

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