Incredible sound quality at low bitrates - the dream finally became reality for online broadcasters!
You can now broadcast in aacPlus offering your listeners near CD quality at low bitrates.

In order to celebrate the release of SAM4 Broadcaster - the world's leading automated playout software package from Spacialaudio LLC - Mouse to Mouse Solutions Ltd are bringing you some great exclusive bundled offers.

This special offer will appeal to broadcasters - looking not only for great quality Shoutcast hosting - but also for the best in automated computer based playout automation software.

The current introductory retail price of SAM4 (SAM4 Beta) is US$ 249.00 - rising to US$ 299.00 once the final version is released (shortly).

Purchase the current release with a full licence key from M2M for only US$ 220.00 and receive additional hosting benefits - see below - as well as the free upgrade to the finalised version once released


As authorised resellers for Spacialaudio and the full range of SAM products - we are able to exclusively offer the following great bundle packages -


Purchase the latest version of the award winning SAM Broadcaster radio playout software package from Mouse to Mouse Solutions Ltd - and receive one of the following bundled hosting offers -

- 30 listener slots @ 128 kbps free for one month
- 40 listener slots @ 64 kbps free for one month
- 50 listener slots @ 48 kbps free for one month

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ over US$ 75 off the finalised retail price of SAM4 !

Ordering instructions -

Please visit our website at for more information.
You can purchase your preferred bundle via our 'Special Offers' section.
On receipt of your payment - we will send you direct via Spacialaudio LLC - full download and licence key details of SAM4 Broadcaster. We will also set up your hosting package and email you your M2M broadcaster account details.

Please note - we aim to fulfill all orders within 8 hours of receipt of payment.
Payment terms - via PayPal.


Features of SAM4 (Beta)

Sound & Playback
Advanced multi-channel audio pipe which does not require a soundcard
Low-latency audio engine. Latency can be as low as 15 milliseconds!
Dual Deck players
3 Auxiliary players (1 hidden)
Cue channel allows you to preview a song before you play it over the main output
Smart automated crossfading between tracks. Automatically detects the very best crossfade point.
Gap killer removes the silence between tracks
Professional audio processors enhances the sound of the audio. Includes an Equalizer, Gated AGC, Stereo expander, Bass EQ, 5-band processor, 2-band processor and clipper. The multi-band processors contain a Compressor, Expander and Limiter for each band!
Crossfading, Beat matching, Beat "smooth matching", Tempo/Pitch adjust
Custom cue, intro, fade and stop points per song
Beats-per-minute auto-detection, BPM tapper and metronome
Voice FX allows advanced voice overs & talking over music
Sound FX allows you to play sound effects over music
Support for DSP plugins

Database driven playlist engine
"Artificial Intelligent" playlist categories makes managing your music collection a breeze
FULL drag&drop support
Playlist can handle 50,000+ files without breaking a sweat
Playlist rotation logic modules
- Includes weighted, category, script based rotation
Keep detailed history of tracks played
- This allows you to report to SoundExchange, ARPA or any other such entity in order to be fully legal.

Configurable user interface layouts
Multiple desktops for easy switching & to avoid cluttered working spaces
Direct album cover art support
Color coded event log makes it easy to spot errors
Auto error recovery keeps your SAM online & playing 24/7

Scheduling, Web interaction and other
Event scheduler allows you to easily program certain actions to be taken at specified times.
Advanced Playlist Automation Language (PAL) allows you to program SAM to do almost anything you can imagine! Schedule songs, playlists, events, etc.
Handle requests from users in real-time automatically
HTML output module provides real-time information to your website visitors about the songs currently being played over your station
Generate additional revenue with Buy CD links and provide your listeners with a better experience by providing advanced song information like Album cover art, lyrics, band information, etc.
Use your favourite web scripting language with SAM to create advanced websites.
(For example PHP and ASP)

Encode in multiple formats at multiple bitrates - even simultaneously!
Standard ACM MP3 CODEC and High Quality & Bandwidth saving mp3PRO
Ogg / Vorbis
Windows Media v9
Archive live stream to file
Encode from DSP Audio Pipeline
Encode directly from SoundCard

Supported servers:
- Shoutcast, Live365, Windows Media, IceCast v1 and v2, P2P Streamer
Title streaming (ALL servers that support title streaming)
Captioning for Windows Media
Scripting for Windows Media, MP3, mp3PRO!
Real-time statistics for
- Shoutcast, Live365, Windows Media, IceCast v1 and v2, VTrails, P2P Streamer
Graph of statistics
List on
Advanced statistics from member section

Additional features proposed to be released with full version of SAM4
..and more.