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    Thumbs up for sale

    i'm selling my site because i can't work on it anymore.
    The name says it all it's an online FAQ about coding. It covers many different languages.

    FAQs can be added by visitors, admins or editors, users can send their questions and other people can answer them, etc.
    It works with phpMyFaq (
    The site is SEOed, all the articles and category pages have pr 3, home page has a pr is 4.
    It ranks ver well form some questions, this site can get a lot of traffic from search engines if the new owner adds a lot of frequently asked questions as it's really well optimized.

    I suggest you check the site so you can see how it works, the content, etc.
    There are about 30 faqs now.

    The design is unique, all standar css. No tables.

    Domain is registered at

    The site does not receive much traffic because i haven't promoted much. (about 300 uniques per month)

    I'm only taking offers higher than 300 dollars, i think the content and domain name are worth that.

    If you have any question just post here.

    Payment via Western Union.

    Thanks for reading

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    How many uniques and pageviews does this get a month?

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    nevermin - didn't see it in the post

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    hi, i only intersted in the domain, do not know whether you want to sell, as i think 300 is too expensive

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