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    Where can I get rid of these used servers and drives?

    Hey im sorry if this is being posted in the wrong place but i was hoping someone in here could point me in the right direction.

    I just recently was given the daunting task of liquidating a bunch of server equipment out of a garage.

    I have no clue as to who will want these drives. Most seem to be fibre channel scsi's. anywhere from 9gigs all the way up to 80. Theres also a plethroa of racks, cases, and tons of wire from cat-5 to power cords.

    Theres also a lots of other misclaneous server and computer items but i havn't gone through all of it.

    I tested a hand full of the drives and they all work.

    Anyone have any ideas as to who would want this stuff or maybe where i could go to find out?


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    Where are you located and are you looking to offload or it sell it?



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    If you can, you should catalog them and then list them on ebay or here in the "other offers and requests" forum

    The only challenge I see is that you may not be able to warranty them as working which will reduce the value.

    What city are you in? You may want to just find someone local to pick it up and give you an offer.
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    Im in the dead heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, CA.

    We have a few things already on Ebay...but god what a hassel...Im hoping maybe someone in here knows someone in the San Francisco Bay area who sells these things or is trying to slap together a data center.

    IM almost positive all the drives work. They are all in pretty good condition. Even some of the racks look new.

    Basically a Data Center went under and my crazy boss swooped up all this hardware and put it in his garage...Now he says he wants it out, probably so he can fit more junk in I guess i could cataloge everything and try to sell it on Ebay..but i'd much rather sell chunks of it in Lots and let someone else deal with Ebay.

    The garage looks like a couple of intel shipping crates exploded in it.

    Its almost overwhelming.

    He says its a gold mine in there, but we have to find some who wants all this stuff first.

    Im a bit at a loss as to where to start. I figured you guys might be able to help me out. And once again..sorry if this is in the wrong spot.

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    Well if I was in your shoes I would do as CoolRaul said and catalogue and package it up in seperate lots and post in the other offers forum. Someone here will probably be interested and it saves you the time and hassle of going through ebay.

    Good luck

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    craigslist / ebay / or give a deal that can't be refused for a quick sale and someone will probably end up pming you.

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    Dollar a gig?

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    Does your boss have any idea how long the equipment had been in use for? Your best bet is to find out some information on the background of the equipment to help you in pricing it as well as to help in preventing issues after sale. Whether or not you can warranty an item or not if you unknowingly sell someting that's not working at time of sale you could be looking at issues after the fact.

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