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    Is it just me or does Support Tickets from Hostway go unresponded

    Day 2 and still no response to 2 seperate tickets with 2 different accounts....

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    Hostway is one of the big players in the hosting industry so it seems pretty odd that your ticket would be left unanswered for 2 days. Have you tried contacting them directly or calling them as they seem to have contact info/numbers for many areas around the globe:

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    Actually yes, I have. I even asked what was the *response* time on tickets.
    Too bad their *backend* doesn't let you see a history of tickets submitted....

    It was a different problem per each account - but I just find it very odd and disappointing they it has gone unresponded for so long....

    For some reason, I find myself opening up new accounts even though I have closed accounts from them in the past as well. Their boxes are speedy and email is relatively stable.....

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    You've called and they couldn't see the response time between tickets? Do they have USA support or do you get transfered to India? They have a rep on this board and if you do a search I'm sure you can find him and probably send him a pm for resolution.

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    I hope everything will be all right and they'll answer your tickets. If they've got a rep they need some time to set up everything. Have patience.

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    Chefwong, don't forget to update your story? Have you been answered?

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    When you called and asked did they tell you their average time to answer tickets?

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    I had some sites at hostway for over 5 years, and never once had a problem. On the rare occasion I needed tech suuport, they were awesome, and very efficient. I recently was looking to move my sites from a budget host, and would have gone back to them had they offered Cpanel.

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    Yeah that would be the first thing that comes to mind. Have you tried calling them as they do offer phone support. After the first day I would have been on the phone trying to get answers.
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    So it looks like they met their 48 hr ticket response....just got a response this morning.

    The last account I cancelled with them was about 8 months back. Their sitemail *webmail* was jackkked up for weeks and they were not resolving it. The from part on the mail *inbox* never reflected the real sender of the message. It was the same for *subject headers* as well whereas the from/subject did NOT reflect the message that it was from or subjectwise. POP was fine during this time but that particular account was heavy on webmail and Hostway was not proactively addressing the situation.

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    The UK support has 24/7 locally-operated support, which is probably the one thing that makes their high prices worth it. If you call late at night you can tell they're bored because they'll let you chat for ages.

    I've never been a big fan of @mail, theirs or my former ISP Force9's -- always slow and clunky. I'd say if you want decent webmail find a cheapish VPS provider and use horde.

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