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    Trouble contacting Neureal

    Is there anyone else that has been having trouble contact Neureal for the last week and a half?

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    Have you tried giving them a call? 1-877-898-1444 is the number listed on their site.
    They also have a public forum along with an emergency email to use:
    EMERGENCY Technical Support Pager [email protected]

    See if any of those options will get you in contact with them, as a week and a half without any response, something definitely doesn't sound right here.

    Good luck
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    Before I posted here, I sent an email to Neureal through a host company comparsion place and finally got a reply back.

    I still intend to find out what the problem was for future reference and I had made three trouble tickets, then three emails, and three phone calls.

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    Try contacting the domain owner:

    David Goldman
    goldman [at]

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    Something definitely happened to them. I tried to be in touch with them but they don't respond. I think we have to wait for a while and then see what happened to them in reality.

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    Have you tried all their methods of contact?

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    Neureal dead?

    Same here, I tried to contact them since monday. Nothing

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    me too

    I found this forum while trying to find some answers about neureal.

    If anyone knows how to password protect files with neureal I'd be VERY grateful for some help. I have been trying to get password protection to work for over a week. I cant get responses to tickets (they get closed automatically without contacting me about it),I sent emails to support, billing, and info, their forum doesn't let me view folders that I need because that has to be activated(I sent the email requesting this, but nothing), and their emergency phone #'s mailbox is full.

    I'm fed up and trying to figure out how to password protect stuff on my site, I got it working except that it doesn't ask me to give a name/pw it just says it's forbidden. So I can restrict a file so it can't be viewed...but then NOBODY can view it. If you know I'd be very grateful! I might switch to a new host this weekend if I don't hear anything from them and can't figure this issue out.

    Has anyone had luck contacting them and/or finding out what's going on?

    Thanks so much!

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    I tried to contact them but failed. I guess something happened to them. Hope they'll appear soon.

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    what kinda host is this .. that u have to find different ways to contact em
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    Quote Originally Posted by flashedcoder
    what kinda host is this .. that u have to find different ways to contact em

    One that will be losing my business soon.

    I figured out my issue no thanks to them. So they keep my business longer than the end of the week just because I'm very busy right now, but I will be finding a new host soon.

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