Purpose: To rename the user profile that is located on the users laptop or desktop.

2 scripts:

One to collect workstation data

Script 1

Create a VB script to scan for the following information from the all systems in a particular OU. The data the needs to be collected at minimum current workstation name, current profiles that is on the laptops or desktops.

Take the information that the first VB script gathered and dump the data into a CSV file column 0 workstation name, column 1 current profile name, column 2 new profile name.

Script 2

Create a VB script that will use the Feed file that was created from script 1, the Project manager will provide the information that will be in column 2. (new SamAccountname)

Scan the feed file for the workstation name, and profile name then have the script change the current name of the profile to the new SamAccountname.

This process is done without manually from any systems that is on the Domain provided the users that is performing the work has the appropriate rights to perform this action.

Pay is open.

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