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    Question Google Ads on localhost

    When developing a web page and running on http://localhost, Google Ads always seem to be widly irrelevant to the actual content on the page. Usually, the ads are about IT training or CITRIX. Is this intentional? Does Google figure that if you're viewing a web page through localhost, then you must be a developer and that's what you care about? I'm just wondering. It would be nice to see relevant ads so you can figure out what is going to happen when you deliver your site into the wild.

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    You can't ask google to show you relevant ads, it shows relevant ads because it can crawl the URL and 'see' the content. However he can't go to localhost and get to your place (your page).

    The only way to test it before delivering it into the wild, is to develop it at another place where google can access your webpage.


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    Ahh, that makes sense. Don't know why that didn't occur to me. Thanks!

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    I remember there is a option to enable test mode. Maybe you like to email Google and ask them for the option? It is place within the javascript code.
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