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    how to block any other traffic that i dont recognize

    i have the IP's (given by my clients to view my site) how and where (htaccess) isuppose can i block any other incoming traffic to view it. yes im talking about the world. please tell me something shorter than looking up everyone country/planet's ip and put them in manually. there is about a thousand users (IP's) given by customers to view my site the rest of the billions i want them to see the site is not up like is not even there.


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    Here is 2 options

    1) Slow and free - check google for .htaccess rulesets

    2) Paid, professional and fast - hire admin who can do it for you - for example

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    You may block the servers in the configuration IMHO.

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    Can we use Catalyst here???

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    Is this your own machine? If so you should be able to deny access with your firewall.
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