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  1. #1 hosting Is it good?

    Who knows hosting? You can get 1GB for 1.65 euro Is this a reaileble hosting company or does have anyone bad experiance whit them? I am looking for a reaileble hosting thats not expencive, its for a elementri school so it has to be cheap.


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    I have never heard of them myself but I am suprised that they still have that domain name....I reckon that must have been made loads of offers on that one !

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  4. #4 used to be until a few months ago. So it seems they acquired that domain to extend their reach (couldn't have been cheap). They're based in Denmark and I used them until a year ago. They had a problem with over-selling and the speed got really slow. Additionally, there was very little room for configuration on their shared servers. So I dropped them and haven't looked back since. They may have improved a lot since then though.

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    Regarding "":
    Speed is ok (to Sweden: 3-5MB/s), I've one account there for a .se domain, although I wouldn't recommend them since they will cut you off pretty fast for bandwidth usage. If you want a .dk host go for surftown instead since they don't cut you off as easily as b-one does with their "unlimited" plans....
    The worst thing with them is that they only allow you to host text and images, so you can forget hosting your own media files there. Just pm me if you have any other questions or use msn.
    -Mr Bister

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