After the success of MyMediaScript v1.0 we are very proud to announce the new look upgrade, version 1.1.

Here is a description of the script:

MyMediaScript is a new and exciting script that encompasses several types of media. Images, mp3s, WMA, Quicktime, SWF Flash Games and ASX streaming media are all possible. With the new look v1.1 it is also possible to embed YouTube and Google Video!

Uploading is very simple via the easy to use admin panel. It is also possible for visitors to upload media to the site too, you then approve/disprove their upload after reviewing it via the admin panel.
Simple to install and Adwords/YPN compatible. Comes with full forum support and free version upgrades.

You make money from this script by promoting your site and adding adverts all over it. People visit your site viewing your uploaded media and every time they click an advert you get paid! Adverts (Clicksor, YPN, Google Adsense) ads can be added easily from your admin panel and with the price of this script starting at an amazing $50 this is a fantastic oppertunity for you to start your own YouTube style site and make money doing so!

Here is the demo:

Here is the admin section:
USER = admin PASS = admin

Here is the Support/Pre Sales forum:

Here is the purchase page with options:

Our email is:
[email protected] for email enquirys.

Please take a look! We believe that this is one of the nicest looking and best value Video/Media scripts of its kind on the internet.

Many thanks