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    logo/mascot needed - contest

    Well I've seen some other contests on here for simliar things so I figured I would try it to instead of trying to contact several peope and see if there's any interested here.

    What I need is a logo/mascot for a motorcycle rally called: Thunder On The Rock

    A simple flyer can be seen at

    Colors need to be at least red, black, yellow.

    What I have in mind is using Thor (god of thunder) as a character, which THOR can be kind of an acronym for Thunder On The Rock

    I'm looking for this Thor character to be riding a motorcycle (chopper) facing front, riding the cycle toward the viewer, holding the right handlebar and in his left hand holding a yellow thunderbolt or maybe hammer but I think thunderbolt might look better.

    Then have a tire encircle this with Thunder On The Rock around the top half and on the bottom half, preferably on the tire like you would see goodyear or something else on the sidewall. If that will be too crowded then just Thunder On The Rock will be sufficient.

    If you can knock our socks off with something that can be used on business cards and other print advertising, the owner of the site will pay more, but for the purpose of this request/contest, $50 is the stated prize/offer.

    I guess we'll put a deadline of Friday 7 pm on this.

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    Looks like we're not getting much interest in this.

    If this is priced too low (I have no idea, never had a logo designed before),
    then just PM me a quote and a portfolio of your work.

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    Yes, I think with a number of elements involved on your illustration request, you may want to reconsider the pricing. We can probably get it done within the range of $75 - $100. You are welcome to request for a final quote on our website.

    Thank you very much.

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