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Thread: System Restore

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    System Restore

    Anyone know how well System Restore actually works? Is it just like a Complete Reformated install, or are there still drivers and registry changes in effect that only a format and restall can do?

    I ask because every now and then I have pr oblems only a reformat can take care of, but apparently my 200 or so OEM Window Activations have failed, because now every two reformats I have to call in to tech support to activate.

    Rather than do that annoyance, I want to know just how effective this system restore is..

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    I would recommend acronis true backup over restore... make several backup points with it and be done. I have SR turned off after my research... of course, you can do your own research and see if it will work for you....
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    With windows system restore you will have all drivers and software installed at the point of the restore point you had before. So it can be a nice way of restoring how ever if you get a virus or spyware often times that will corrupt the windows restore points.

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