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    exim load skyrocketing

    exim is causing cpu load to skyrocket

    how do I trace which user is causing this?

    Please don't say something stupid like "tail exim logs" because thats unrealistic when it scrolls so fast you can't catch much

    I do have exim acl installed too

    cpanel stable 10x / centos 4.4

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    Full Specs:

    WHM 10.8.0 cPanel 10.9.0-S58
    CentOS 4.4 i686 - WHM X v3.1.0
    PHP 4.4.4
    phpsuexec enabled
    box trapper *disabled*
    spam assassin enabled


    Top 50 sending hosts by volume

    145 1400KB local

    Top 50 sending hosts by message count

    145 1400KB local

    Top 50 local senders by message count

    33 340KB mailnull

    Top 50 local senders by volume

    33 340KB mailnull

    Top 50 host destinations by message count

    266 2838KB local

    I've done...

    cleared mail queue
    eximup --force
    replace :blackhole: :fail: -- /etc/valiases/*

    On the same server, I have trouble with one specific domain not sending nor receiving. Odd thing, nothing shows up in exim logs nor reject log. The domain is in /etc/localdomains otherwise.
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