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    Which server to use for mailshots?


    We are about to implement a seperate Web and Database server, moving from our current 'all in one' server.

    Each server will be a Dual P3 2.6Ghz machine, with RAID 1 using SCSI 10K disks.

    We will be using Mysql 4.1 on one server (about 40 queries/sec) , and Apache 2 and PHP on the other (we server about 5M pages a month)

    Every week we send out a personalised (so a bit of database crunching required) email to our 18,000 members. This takes about an hour to run, and during this time the site slows down considerably.

    Now assuming that QMail is Disk IO bottlenecked, rather than CPU- (is this correct?), what server would it be better running on - the web server or the DB server?

    Thanks for your help

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    I presume it will be pulling from the database on the database/sql server?

    therefore running it on the web server will defeat the whole object as it will use up resources on two machines.

    If this is the case run it on the DB server, and run it at a quiet time. This is about all you can do without purchasing a seperate mail server!

    good luck.

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    I've always had qmail running on the same server as the webserver, what is the quickest way to configure apache (or would it be php i presume) to use another server to send, so we can just have qmail running on the db server rather than both?

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