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Thread: GoDaddy VPS

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    GoDaddy VPS

    hello every body
    i have a highly traffic web site that was hosted by godaddy hosting
    some how godaddy closed my site and tod me that i use high traffic and i have to get a vps from them if i want my site to go on
    While i was about to pay them some ppl told me not to do cause i'll face such problems with godaddy VPS's
    Now, what is your advice get it or not??
    and o anybody here tried there VPS's??

    thanks all

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    They don't guarantee memory, so if the HN have 8GB RAM and have 200 users on it you shouldn't have more than 40MB RAM

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    had an vps account with them before, but was only hosting a small traffic site.

    not so bad.

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    How much traffic do you use?

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    How many visitors on your site do you have during peak hours?

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    GoDaddy VPS expensive compare to the rest usa companies...
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