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    JodoHost Down or Gone?

    It has been about 3 days now, and the jodohost main home page, all sub domains, and the three sites I maintain return "server not found". Could this be an ISP issue (I have tried from multiple phisical locations, but all on RR accounts).

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    Their website is up and they are definitely not gone. Looks like there is some problem with your ISP.

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    RoadRunner had a major routing issue. We were all up and running perfecting, trying to get in touch with any central florida road runner users here on WHT to test some things, but it did not work(no one replied)

    Their router was going in some straaaange paths as far as I could see, but I needed to verify, I think it is resolved at this point, at least our tracert back makes it to them now when before it would start out into netherland and die.

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