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    how to choose best hosting resller

    hello every body
    i want to have good, poerfull and chep resller
    where can i find one??
    and what is the best company gives me that??

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    am sory i post this topic here by wrong
    plz any body move it to resller forum

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    First of all. What are your needs?

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    What's your budget?

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    There's another thread about reseller's hosting where the topic-starter is looking for a list of reseller's programs with quality support, just see what he'll be answered. Good luck with your search

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muhammad Mustafa
    am sory i post this topic here by wrong
    plz any body move it to resller forum
    Done! You can use the "report this post" button to let us know when mod action is required.

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    There is not the best web hosting provider, but the best provider for you! With that being said, based on your requirements, budget, etc will give a better idea of what your options are. There are tons and tons of web hosting providers. You can search here on WHT to get a list of providers you may want to do business with then google for reviews on them or you may try your luck here on WHT aswell!
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    When requesting information about what the best hosting company is, or what is the best for you, you need to provide information on your requirements so people can better discuss what may be the one for you.

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    There are not an excellent hosting provider. Uptime must not under 99.5% and average email response time must be one hour and support must not poor and must get backup daily/weekly and have firewall/antivirus support and provide more for your needs. But all of these are my personal opinion. You can find a reliable hosting provider by reading the messages on this forum. Good luck.
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    I'd suggest you try the search functions at hosting catalog sites like, come up with a shortlist and we can probably give you feedback about the companies you've chosen
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    You may use to find the suitable for you hosing.

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