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    Thumbs down Giga-international Problem

    First up, Do not get a server with them.
    Their support is crap, the phone number on the website has an automated voice recording in German. They haven't replied to any email in over a week. But here is the kicker, It's now been.... 13 days since I fully paid for a server and still have not got it.

    I bought one server before and it was setup in 48 hours. Slow but still acceptable. 13 days though is taking the piss. No notification of any delay in setup (setup cost 59!) no response to emails either.

    So when should I do a chargeback via paypal ?

    About their network... can barely push around 10mbits during peak time and anything up to 40mbit off peak. For the money it's not bad but far from the 100mbit unmetered advertised. I am not complaining about that though, it's still good value for money.

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    Sorry to hear that. How long are you with them?

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    Approaching a month with the first server.

    The first server has been fine. Had to ask for a reboot once and got a response within 2 hours. Besides that no trouble with it so haven't bothered support.

    So that's why I made the mistake of getting another server with them.

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    Will paypal let you do a chargeback? You are buying a service not a good so I do not think its covered.

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    Wow I got an email response today :

    > I completely understand your anger. Your server is nearly completely
    > installed (the 2nd harddisk is built in tomorrow) and I will send the
    > server-data to you during the next 2 days.
    > We must apologize us for the long waiting-time and hope that you will be
    > very happy with your server in 1-2 days.
    > Thank you!

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    If I was you, I would not accept it. I would demand my money back...this level is service is simply not acceptable...

    Remember this is only the beginning...what happens when you are in need of real support !

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    Well I got my server 17 days after ordering it and guess what....

    It has incorrect hardware.

    1 x 400 GB Harddrive missing
    900 MB of RAM instead of 1024MB advertised o_O

    Gonna give this 48 hours more and then just do a chargeback.

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    You have given them 17 another 48hrs wont hurt but as deltrumweb said, this is only the beginning

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    I wouldn't be worried about 900MB of ram...Operating systems report ram differently. Your probably do have 1Gig of ram, it just reports it differently.

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    Probably the second disk is not mounted.
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    Operating system is Debian as are nearly all my other servers XD
    However they contacted me back saying that the motherboard is using up around 100MB of the ram for one reason or another.

    The second hard disk was my bad. Wasn't mounted.

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    The ram isnt their fault...probably just in use by an onboard videocard. Quite normal to 'loose' some ram on stuff like that

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    We've had many problems with them, they shut our server down because we were using different MAC addresses for VPS servers, they said it was against their TOS - Server was down for 48 hours. Oddly enough, their TOS had nothing to do with MAC address usage in it. They also charged us $35 to bring the server back online. I do not reccomend this company at all, if you're looking for Unmetered German Servers, check out 1paket.

    Support is acceptable there.. not topnotch but it's decent.
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