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    * - Customize Your MySpace

    Domain: <Free Push [goDaddy]>
    Script: MySpace Resource Script [Comes Preconfigured + PSD/PNG Files]

    * Easy for novices to understand without being "dumbed-down".
    * Expandable, allowing features/modules to be added as they are released.
    * Modules that worked and updated automatically.
    * Easily understandable template method that produced valid code.
    * Configurable with a single file.
    * Did not require a database, but still provided database-like functionality.
    * Had "human readable" URL's without requiring .htaccess/mod_rewrite.
    * Implemented AdSense or YPN out of the box by changing a single variable.
    * One that actually worked the way you thought it should.

    It is a pretty new site, ~10 unique user perday. I never get to promote it nor any sort of advertisement is used on it. If it is promoted and advertized it has great potential to attact myspace users.

    Starting Bid: $150

    Bin: $<Not Set>

    looking for a quicksell,

    Please Post only if you are interested, for other matter contact me via PM thank you.

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    Do you have rights to sell this??????????

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    Hi there,

    Any chance of reducing the starting bid?

    Most Kindest Regards,
    Justin J. Khoury

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