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    * For Sale: Rpg Site - Limited Time Auction

    Hello WHTers:

    The following is for sale:

    Domain: (paid up until March 7, 2007 on a NameCheap account)

    It has been running for about 3 years although the stats don't indicate that as it was redone in 2005.

    Payment: PayPal

    To be sold by auction and the opening bid is $100.00 (US funds)
    Closing for auction is Monday, November 13th at 4 a.m. GMT (GMT as per forum rules)

    Post all bids on the forum so it is a transparent sale to all interested parties.

    Please note: RolePlaying content on the website/forum should be considered the property of the individual(s) who have posted it and not of anyone who purchases the domain/website.

    If you wish to leave the site where it is hosted the cost per month will be:
    $8.95 USD (if paid quarterly, other discounts if paid semi annual or annually).

    If you wish to move the site those details can worked out but should be completed by the end of November. After that date all files would be deleted if not moved.

    Please feel free to ask any questions here or specific questions about the forum can be sent to [email protected]

    Thank you for taking a look and let the bidding begin........

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    In regards to a few people asking for permission to see the forums, I created a demo for you to go in and check the forums out:

    Instead of using the above site's forum link, click on the button to get to the forum--seems I can't post html whatsoever.

    so sitename/forum

    username demo
    password demologin

    All stats were captured from Nov 6. (I'm the owner of it by the way).

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