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    I am currently with PSM, they are great and id be screwed with out them and they havn't done anything wrong. I am intrested in though... any one used them before? any good? how quickly do they respond to tickets?

    I am intrested in going with them because they offer pro-active management.

    Please give me your thoughts.

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    I have been using them for three months now, and there have been no problems.

    I think the ticket speed is going to depend on what it is you are asking them to do. I have had tickets done in 15 minutes, and some that have taken several hours because of the requests. Sometimes if the request is complex they will have someone do it once, and if you need to tweak or change what you did, they will flat out tell you that they would like to wait for the person who did the original tweak to come in to handle it. This is actually something I like. I like responding to tickets to the same tech because then I don't have to worry that there is going to be too many hands on my box.

    They have setup and configured two servers now for me, one was CentOS the other was Debian Sarge.

    The thing I like best about their current pricing is that it saves me money. PSM and some others require you to have a control panel. ServerFixIt does not require a control panel which means I can save anywhere from $15 to $45 per month in not having a panel.

    Here is what I did when I tried them out:

    I first contacted them through to ask them questions regarding the type of services I required.

    I kept the old management company on board for the first month just to make sure it was going to work out. I placed all tickets through ServerFixIt first to test response time, and of course quality of work.

    Everything for me went fine and so I dropped the other management company.

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