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    Semi Experienced Programmer

    Well I am currently a college student studying Math and Computer Science. I have been designing websites for over 8 years now. I have experience of designing websites that deal with all of the disability laws recently put into ation. I write all the html in xhtml form and will validate using W3C validator and a couple others.

    Html is what I have most my experience in, I also have plenty of experience in PHP, Mysql, JavaScript, Java, and am learning new ones all the time.

    All my programming is wrote very neatly with comments so after I am done with it who ever would take over it would easily be able to understand what I did and why I did it.

    I am looking to code in any of these languages either as a project based programmer or a chance for a longer term employment. If you would like any more information on what I can do or if you have any projects for me please contact me.

    I am available through
    email and msn [email protected]
    AIM ArcticRaiders
    YIM ArcitcPoolin

    I believe if you are a company looking to grow I would fit in perfectly. I am very reliable and very consistant with my programing. I also have pretty good people skills.

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    Toronto, Canada
    ArcticRaiders, what time zone are you in?

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    Well as I am in College I am currently in Gunnison Colorado right now. During breaks I often times head back home to Alaska. Sot it will either be Mountain time (G -7) or Alaska Time(G -9).

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