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    Question Perlbill - Any experience ?

    What of your opinion about PerlBill ? Any experience maybe....

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    It looks pretty nice to me. Personally I like ModernBill better. I would also like to hear what people have to say about PerlBill.

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    PerlBill looks nice, but doesnt include 3rd party processing such as

    Which is a must have if you want to be competitive billing software, in my opinion at least.

    We use modernbill, its great software, BUT i think the way in which they update it, and the bugs created in new updates is not the most professional.

    My 2 cents,


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    All I can say is I use perlbill...and it is GREAT! I actually had a license to modernbill but did not use it. Here are the reasons I use perlbill...

    #1 I can customize the interface - unfortunately, modernbill has moved to using zend to lock up there code. I dont feel like paying the extra $$$ just so I can change a few items.

    #2 Perlbill interface is better! It is very usable and easy to understand. It is also layed out logically.

    #3 Integrated helpdesk. There are plenty of posts here regarding perldesk software, it is a great helpdesk, period. It even allows you to pipe emails into it.

    #4 Billing...Ask John at perlbill about integration ...hint hint.

    #5 Very few bugs....i actually have the software running in a production environment and have encountered very few bugs. If I did find one, they were sure to fix it very quickly.

    #6 Cpanel integration - it works great saves me time!

    All I can say is that I love is well worth the small fee that is charged. For me, perlbill had every feature I needed. Although other scripts may have more features, I believe that they only cause more bugs and confuse users and administrators.

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    Wrapped in CAT5.

    Lightbulb Integration with ECHO...?

    Do these folks have any integration with ECHO for CC processing?

    Dan Esparza
    CagedTornado web services

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    Yes... would be nice to have perlbill using ECHO!! Any idea anyone????

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    You did notice that you were replying to a post 4 months old, right?


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