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    cPanel redundant servers?

    I've been trying to rack my brain about it for the last while...

    Basically, mirroring 2 servers is easy enough, especially when within the same private vlan/rack. The problem with cPanel is it's inherent instability, which I'm now trying to cut down on.

    Basically, is there a software, or hardware based solution, which would ping (or via other methods) server1A, and if it's down, route all traffic to server1B (and so on and so on with all servers)?

    I pm'ed a member of WHT who mentionned it's relatively simple, but I'm looking for other possible methods as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by WK-Anthony
    The problem with cPanel is it's inherent instability, which I'm now trying to cut down on.
    I would like to suggest a panel with cenralized system monitoring. You can get notification about almost all problems on your server with it. Also it's possible to monitor server state using tunable graphs.

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    We (as in the company, because it sure as heck ain't me doing the tech work), have that already setup. My team is pretty competent in getting things back up and running within 5-10 minutes, but it's still too much. Last month alone, http went down 3 times on one of the cPanel servers, on average of 7 minutes each time.

    I want a second server that can accept all traffic during times like that, and something that can transfer it between servers seamlessly and nearly instantly.

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    Have you heard of heartbeat ?

    It's real interesting.


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