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    The following site is for sale: (

    The domain is registered at Namecheap and expires on 30 Oct 2007.

    This website is approx. a week and a half old. It was started as a fan site before the Borat movie was launched and includes a forum. The traffic to the website is increasing daily and profits (although small at this point) are being made from AdSense.

    This website has not been advertised online although there was a fair bit of advertising for it at a local premier

    The logo and the gif images which are located on the 'Pictures' page are custom made. The .PSD will be included for the logo.

    The forum has an amazing potential. There are no active Borat forums online at this point, and with its catchy domain, the sexyBorat one can really win over all.

    Although I would love to keep this website going, I simply don't have the time to dedicate to it. I'm hoping to sell it to someone who will keep the content fresh and add an exciting twist to the site (I have a few ideas if you would like)

    Price: $250
    Payment via PayPal.

    Also listed on IWDN & NamePros

    Thank you

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    Some more information:

    The website was launched on November 1. As, I have mentioned earlier, it has not been advertised anywhere (except at the premier) but traffic is still steady (through word of mouth and people using the GIFS and quotes on Myspace pages) and it has still been earning profit from AdSense.

    profit from November 1 to now: $3.98 (Yesterday it brought in $.33)

    Hits: 23915
    Visits: 771
    Unique Visits: 616

    Although I realize that these numbers are not outrageous, I think they are quite impressive for no advertising. I get around to checking the Awstats every few days, and I have noticed more and more people placing the GIF's and comments on other people's pages, which do link back to the site.

    The price of $250 still stands but I am willing to consider offers.

    Thank you

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