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    Post - One Year Review

    Hello, first off I want to say this site has been a great resource for me in the past, and though this is my first post I have been coming here for information for the past two years or so. I would've wrote a review about Turnkey Resellers about a year ago but at that time there were more than a couple people already writing what I had to say. I figured that since I'm hitting one year w/ my current host after that fiasco, I should contribute to the community. ^^ is a locals forums for those who live in Las Vegas; the rest of the sites I run are private for the most part; I can supply those links as well - just PM me.

    Reliability 9/10
    Pretty much all in all the sites are up and running, and without any noticeable interruptions. I can only remember two periods downtime that I've had with them: once when my site was hacked (due to someone on the same machine having an outdated script w/ an open vulnerabilty) - which was remedied within 24 hours, and another time where there was a nameserver problem, but both of those are very minor in scope in the span of a full year, especially when compared to some of the other companies I've hosted with. I've only noticed database rollbacks twice, though they were due to their updating of hardware. Besides those minor issues, I haven't ran into anything else negative.

    Customer Service 10/10

    Whenever I put in an initial ticket I get a response within 5-10 minutes, which is good - it lets me know that my issue is at least acknowledged and they are working it. I must say though that with each response I I have received I have not encountered the "it's your fault" or "what is it now" type of attitude, and they've been most friendly; definitely a plus. What would increase the grade to a 10 would be company forums or at least a live chat, which would make it more personal to me (plus I always thought it was sort of cool to communicate with others who use the same host). ^^

    Cost 10/10

    What first appealed to me were the costs, as they are reasonable and very affordable. Not much else to say here.

    Overall 10/10

    Having hosted w/ several other companies before, I must say this is the best one I've encountered thus far, and will host with for another year, in which I'll drop a 1.5 year review and 2 year review.

    Hopefully this review is helpful to you; thanks again WHT for the great community and I hope that I help somebody with this, as well as contribute what I can with this first post of mine. ><

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    I figured that since I'm hitting one year w/ my current host after that fiasco, I should contribute to the community.
    A nice gesture, and a nice detailed review! Thank you!

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    Thanks for a nice review.

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    Thanks for Sharing

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