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    Thumbs up One year review - Polurnet


    I reviewed Polurnet a year ago when I started off with them and thought it is a good time to make a follow-up review.I hope this is useful.

    First, my domain with them is
    This is in Japanese and it's a free "auto-responder" service.
    (I make money from ads)

    I started off with a shared server(reseller account) last November, and upgrated to VPS in January, and then to dedicated in May (AMD Sempron 2600 512MB RAM , 80GB Hard Drive, 1000 GB bandwdith, and
    fully managed by Polurnet).

    ・Reliability (8/10)
    I have to say they are very good.
    When I was on a shared server, I had no trouble at all.

    Each time I upgraded (moving servers), I had a little trouble (i.e. some of my site's features didn't work for a while). But the Polurnet people worked hard for me and soon fixed them (actually, they went the extra mile to re-write my program (which I bought from a third party) and didn't charge me for that (they say technically I was supposed to pay for that but it was OK!).

    These were a bit tough times for both of us, but their honesty and hard-work were good enough to stick with them.

    Other than these "Moving times" , everything has been really good.
    (I have experienced almost no downtime)

    ・Cost (10/10)

    I have no complaints. I think it's really reasonable.
    (I pay about $110 for the server and $70 for the management.)
    The shared server price was reasonable too.
    In my personal experience, you have to pay more to get this level of service.
    (Especially for a shared server....I can't actually compare with other companies
    about the dedicated since this is the first one for me. )

    ・Costomer Service(9/10)

    This is the best part of Polurnet I believe.

    Not like other huge companies, you can have a personal "relationship" with
    the people. You feel as if you were really "working" with them.They are very friendly. You always know who you are talking with.

    Their response time is quick enough, and the best thing is that they are thorough and honest.They answer usually within 2-6 hours.

    I would give 10 if the live-chat was 24/7.
    (Sometimes you want to talk with the customer service "right now!!")

    I am happy enough with their responce time in e-mail but not like "in 10 minutes"
    responce which some other companies do.
    (I Personally prefer Polurnet style which is thorough and well-examined in responce e-mails to the the very-quick-but-not-thorough ones.)

    ・All in All (10/10)

    From my experience with several other companies, I can say they are definitely one of the top companies. Reliability, Customer service, cost.
    I have been happy with them and highly reccomend them.

    This has been my review of Polurnet.
    Hope it is useful for you.

    I am also with some other companies and hoping to wtire about them soon too.

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    This is pretty good. Where are their servers located?
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    This is my new host. It's too early to write a detailed review about them, but so far so good.

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    Teruki, I must say that's a nicely written review!

    This is pretty good. Where are their servers located?

    Our primary datacenter, LayeredTech/SAVVIS(...)

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    Glad your having a good experince with your hosting company.
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    Thanks you've shared your hosting experience with us.

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    Good initiative Teruki, i would like to suggest more this kind of review of web hosting companies

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    Thank you, don't forget to write one more review in a year's time!

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