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    My System Clock is always wrong

    Can anyone help me out?
    My clock on windows xp pro keeps changing.
    When I press synchronize, it becomes the correct time.. then after a few hours.. it is off by like 50 minutes.. then becomes off by like 2 hours

    does time run faster for my computer? whats going on?


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    Aren't we in Computers and Peripherals? Try changing your BIOS battery on the mainboard
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    Sounds like for sure as said above your system bios battery is dying or dead. It often happens but little me even know there is a battery on there motherboard but there is

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    Surely the battery is only a problem when the computer is turned off and it has to keep time with no power? With the computer on I can't see why it would not have the power to keep time.

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    Perhaps windows takes its queue from the bios battery. I think I had the same problem with running linux, it would bring up weird times on the clock with a duff battery. Fair enough, if you have power to the mobo u would expect time to be constant, a bit like a car, where the alternator re-charges the battery when you are driving so you can start the car in the morning. BIOS batteries dont work that way, (normal alkaline cells) and they are there for a very specific reason.
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