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    i want change domain of root

    Dear admin.

    after i use domain which is registed dedicated too.
    when i register .i had been register nameservers of domain.
    And now .i want change domain & hostname & nameservers other.
    Admin help me ,Plz !
    thanks so much

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    Moved to the domain forum.
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    I am unclear as to your request,

    Are you trying to change your nameservers or trying to use a different domain name?

    As far as changing where your nameservers point, it depends on your registrar, often where you created the nameservers offers some way to change them or under some sort of advanced feature set. if neither of those I would email / contact the registrar's support department and ask them to do the change for you or direct you to where it could be done by you.

    If you're trying to use another domain, simply register a new one and create the nameservers again or point to the old ones.

    Hope that answers your question, if not, please clarify what you're asking.
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    kaspersky, clear up the situation. What do you want exactly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trish75
    kaspersky, clear up the situation. What do you want exactly?
    I don't think he'll be able to... His English skills aren't the best... I think he needs to change his child nameserver(s) IP addresses, but I can be wrong as well...

    kaspersky, where is your domain registered? Which registrar?
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    You will need to use your registrar to change the IP Address

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    Interesting choce in username. Kaspersky is also the name of a very good (IMO) Anti Virus program.
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