I am have few old domains on which I am accepting offers, some of them are pre registered 2000.

onawingandaprayer.com - 05-sep-1996 (Godaddy)
econware.com - 8/7/1998 (enom)
e-learningtools.com - 3/12/1999 (Godaddy)
lawdynamics.com - 8/7/1999 (Godaddy)
swordandaxe.com - 3/27/2000 (Yahoo dir listed) (Godaddy)
djimpact.net 3/9/2001 - (Godaddy)
1u-rackmount-servers.com 3/19/2001 - (Yahoo dir listed) (Godaddy)
informationcommissioner.com 3/21/2001 - (Godaddy)
nascarsearchengine.com 4/6/2003 (Godaddy)
giganticstore.com 8/7/2003 (Godaddy)

Traffic details at Sedo for last 32 days:

In case if you are interested in any of the above domains or have any questions, please PM me or post here.

Payment through Paypal.

In case of any question, do let me know.

Thanks for looking