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Thread: Partner - Sales

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    Partner - Sales

    I think it's been more then 7 days so trying again

    Looking for a partner to help bring in massive sales and or bring in a growing revenue steam.

    Willing to establish a variety of partnerships to make it work

    I bring to the table
    - Existing Equipment/Infrastructure
    - Money (if needed and only to be invested wisely)

    I am looking for a partner to help in either hosting, vps, dedicated, colocation or voip (most likely business class).

    Desired Skill set
    - Sales and or SEO/Web Marketing
    - Customer Service
    - Billing
    - Admin/Design

    You can PM me or preferred contact AIM: Bob Sanderz

    If I cannot find a partner, I am willing to invest in an employee or contract worker provided it could become a mutually compatible proposition.

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