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    Advertise your banner! **ONLY $2.50**

    Hello everyone,

    The newly redesigned is looking for advertisers! We are starting off with a great promotion to build our already solid reputation.

    We are offering your banner on the bottom of every page, on the homepage, for only $2.50!

    What can you lose for $2.50?

    We will give you 25,000 page impressions for $2.50! Once you get the 25,000 impressions you can choose to sign up again, or you can enjoy the new vistors to your site!

    To sign up please do the following:

    1) Send $2.50 to [email protected]

    2) When paying via PayPal please include your WHT username somewhere!

    3) Post in this thread, or PM, the following information:
    WHT Username:
    PayPal Address:
    Banner/Link to Banner:
    Click Link:
    eMail Address:

    4) We will then PM you once your banner is up!

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    One advertisement has been purchased.

    We are still looking for me! PM us if intrested!

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