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    Linux Sysadmin Needed

    System Administrator - This position is for a position in the managed services department of a growing webhosting company. You will be working remotely we have employees working for us all over the world. You need a strong understanding of the English language. You need to be a team player. This is a contract position. You need to be able to work afternoons and evenings (1 - 9 PM EST).

    # Skills:

    * Minimum of 3 years of system administration experience
    * Fluency with Linux environments
    * DNS and BIND skills required.
    * Required working knowledge of Tomcat, MySQL, Apache
    * System administration skills, including various scripting languages (some or all of the following: bash/shell, sed/awk, perl, python)
    * Familiarity with linux kernel options, custom kernel compilation, use of kernel modules
    * Linux tuning/tweaking, process management, and general problem-solving
    * Experience with centralized authentication systems (RADIUS, pam modules, libnss-mysql, etc.)
    * Experience with popular servers/daemons, such as Apache, Postfix, pure-ftpd, bind, tinydns.
    * Cisco familiarity a big plus

    # Responsibilities:

    * OS installation and maintenance
    * Diagnosing and correcting network and application problems involving Linux servers, as well as other networking equipment
    * Performing backups and restores of critical systems.
    * Maintenance of data-center network including switch and server configuration, wiring, and network device installation.
    * Maintain security of servers and services.
    * Documentation of configurations and processes
    * Installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of various software daemons, and operating systems.
    * Other systems-related duties as indicated by management.
    * Simple network configuration, such as switch configuration if skill set allows for
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    I'm very interested in the position. How do i contact you to send my resume?

    Thank you!

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    Can you let me know your online ID.I hope i can help you out...

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    Sounds good.. how can we talk to each other ? can you drop in a contact address ?

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