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    Where could I find someone to write a simple multiplayer game for this flashchat I go

    Hey there,

    I've been using this chat software on my forum for a while now. I've also purchased the source code for it. It is truely one of the best chat I've ever used. It uses a flash client and a java server.

    I've asked the creators if its possible to create games on it and they said its definately possible. They gave me a hint or two but documentation isn't very good yet. I was told if a competent person look at the code and such, they would know what to do. I was also told they are going to make it more "newbie" friendly on the next version. But I'm not exactly sure when that is.

    I've just started learning actionscripting and this is beyond me at the moment (looking at the source code for the flash client).

    I was just wondering where I might get some help (was hoping here). Obviously I'm willing to pay.

    I just need a very simple multiplayer game done (such as a checker game) and I was planning to take a look at the changes done and learn from that.

    Thats the plan anyway.

    Can anyone recommend a good place where I can get a help like that? Also, for those with experience, what would be a good amount of money to pay to look at something like this?

    And yes I did ask the people whether their programmer could do that but its been a few days and I don't think they have the time.

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    Hi Darvil, you should check out Here you can find experienced programmers that would be able to do what you need. You simply place a post of what you need done, as well as a price range of what you would be willing to pay. Programmers can then bid on your project, with an amount that they would be willing to do it for. You are able to check out the feedback of each bidder, and then choose the person you feel most comfortable with. Hope that help.

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    There are also several more freelance sites worth checking - Elance, Guru, GetAFreelancer, Scriptlance for example.
    And you can always post your request on the forums
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