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Thread: Verio Spam?

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    Verio Spam?

    Hey guys anyone else here have any domains with Verio? I have two other ones registered with them, and I went and bought a new one the other day, and from that day I have received three emails from some guy that works there saying how he was gonna handle my account from now on and he wanted to recommend there services to me, like their web design, database design, scripting, hosting, etc, etc, etc... Then today he calls the number I put on my registration form to tell me the same things he told me in his three emails!! Is this SPAM? Or just some new annoying feature Verio has added to their "services". -- coming soon to an internet near you...

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    I think we have seen something similar before here. I think Verio employs commision type based sales people, they do not directly work with verio. You should be able to find the post, Id say atleast 4 months back. Try searching verio and spam or something

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