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    * Newbie question

    Hi everyone,
    i have a question wandering in my mind since a couple of days...
    I made my 1st website, with semi-commercial purposes (semi, because it informs about some products, which anyways are not on sale from the site) and i'm looking for a reliable web hosting but CHEAP, because my budget is really low.
    I was interested in the ICD soft thread because i came across that company as well and i wondered if is trustable or not.
    My curiosity is: since this company, as well as some others, offer the domain name registration along with the hosting, but, as is explicitly told in the site:

    With ICDSoft every single new customer gets One cheap ($5) .com, .net, or .org Domain Name for as long as you remain our client. You will pay as low as $5 per year! That's right, no more $35 per year or more Internic registration fees...
    Sorry but what does it mean? I may be askin a silly question, but if i stop being their costumer, the domain name will no longer be mine or what? and the no more Internic fees, would it mean that the domain is not really registered with Internic or what? (note that i know very few about this )
    I was wondering if it would be better signin up for a domain name with GoDaddy, which i heard is good, for only $3.95 more per year and at least the guarantee that the domain is really mine!
    (even if in the ICDsoft FAQs is told if u register a domain with them, u OWN it, but who knows?!?!)

    Sorry for the rambling,

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    Seems to me that they will retain the domains rights. Not a good idea to save a few bucks. Buy it yourself.

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    Thanx for the advice, it seems more reasonable also to me, even if i'm low-budgeted, $3 more or less wont change anything in my global plan
    What i was thinkin is that i read about those DNS settings which u have to change manually if hosting a domain with a company different from the one which u registered the domain with (is it like that? until i wont have done it at least one time, i wont be able to understand a $h|T about what this settings are about anyways

    Thanx again and i hope i wont have more silly questions


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    If you register it you will have access to change the DNS. But if they register it and retain the ownership you will no have access to change DNS. Changing DNS usually is a result of switching providors. So the won't let you change the DNS cause they don't want you to leave them. It's a lose lose situation. Don't be caught in the trap.

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    * Another problem: ping replies

    Hi folks,
    thanx for the previous replies, but i have another doubt to ask for...
    I heard about a program called NeoTrace, which some of you will surely know...
    From what i understood, i can use it to see where are located the servers of a web hosting company, but i'd like to understand more about the nodes and the ping replies.
    1) if the number of nodes is a lot, does it mean that the connection used by this company is worse than the one of another company who has less nodes???
    2) higher is the value in ms of ping reply, slower is the connection???

    Sorry but being a newbie, and with very few $$$ to spend, doesnt help much in choosing a company and having absolute peace of mind


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    It sounds to me like they register the domain name in their own name, maybe they don't though, thats just my opinion.

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    Thanks to the folks who replied me
    I already solved that problem registering my domain with GoDaddy, but still remains the question about pings and nodes, which i havent understood very much... should i prefer, among companies who offer similar packages for almost the same price, those which, after a trace-route, show less nodes and faster ping replies, or it just doesnt mean nothing?


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